Saturday, October 25, 2014

Best Strategy To Make Money With

Best Strategy To Make Money With

If you are looking for ways to make money online you might heard of of, works same as various other url shortners but intead of sending the visitors to the desitnation it first send to a dynamic page with a 5 second timer which user can opt to skip or visit the sponsor ads this way you get paid for every clicks on your links.

On this article i am going to share a best way to utilize power first thing most people attempt is to use these links on facebook and twitter yeah! the idea really works but the results are very disappointing and you have to keep posting these links which hurt ctr of your post so generally after doing these for few times you will realize that you time isn't worth the effort you have made.

The main money maker is there website entry script if you have a website then you can add this code and soon when ever someone going to visit your website you will earn some amount good isn't it.

The Strategy
So first you need to have a website if you don't have you can use free blogspot blogs just like this one
Now, after creating a blog choose your blog based on high search topic in my case i choose hollywood actress wallpapers so keep adding those in your blog.

Why? a celeb blog because we going to target google image search traffic since going to pay based on views so you will just have to bring visitors to your website and since google refreshes their celeb pic searches more often as far as i have experienced you can aspect to get your images indexed within 30 days.

Now what? nothing just wait for the google to index those images and soon you will get good amount of traffic to your blog via image search and google images searches are blogspot friendly when you search images then most of the time you going to hit a blogger blog.

Good Luck!!


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